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Are you looking for information about a giant tipi for hire in Perth for a party? Reach out to the professionals at Yard Bar and Co for ways to make your event memorable with the fun beverage options provided through our mobile service.

What Sets Yard Bar and Co Apart Regarding a Giant Teepee for Hire in Perth

We offer you and your guests an unforgettable experience when you take advantage of our giant teepee for hire in Perth. When you choose one of our services, you can always anticipate the following:

  • Professional service: Our team works to address your drink requirements before and during your event. We make ourselves available to address any questions or concerns you have so that you can focus on your guests and the other important details of the occasion. We call them Tpee, however, you will notice Tipi, Teepee and other names are used.
  • Flexible package options: We understand that different functions require various beverage choices. Our company provides you with multiple options that vary depending on your need for the length of service, number of guests and types of drink you want. It’s important to remember that we cannot serve alcohol at a location that does not have a current and active liquor licence. We can, however, serve alcohol to your guests if you provide it to us.
  • Rubbish clean-up: We never want you to worry about cleaning up after your gathering. Our team gladly tidies up any wine bottles left behind and takes them away for disposal. As a full-service beverage company, we also supply glassware which we clean ourselves.

Related Services We Provide to a Giant Teepee for Hire in Geraldton

We provide more than just an array of options for a giant teepee for hire in Geraldton. Other services that we offer include:

  • Cocktail recommendations: Are you looking for suggestions for new drinks to try? Our team is happy to provide you with ideas based on drinks that we love. After we get an understanding of your preferences, we can help you create a drink menu for your next event.
  • Wide range of drink options: We offer a great selection of drinks to suit guests of all ages. From mixing cocktails and serving beers to soft drinks and coffee, we have something sure to please all your party goers.
  • Chiller box system: Warm drinks, unless they are coffee or tea, are never appealing. We have developed a way to keep your drinks cold during the span of your party, so you never need to worry about unhappy guests. Our crew also brings ice for an added chilled touch to your beverages.

About Yard Bar and Co

The team at Yard Bar and Co is recognised for their unique approach to mobile bar catering. Our professionals pay special attention to your needs at your function to ensure that you and your guests have a wonderful time.

Are you ready to find out more about our giant tipi hire in Geraldton or Perth? Reach out to us today through our contact page.