Tipi Marquee Hire Perth

Getting a Tpee or Tipi Marquee for Hire in Perth

If you need a tipi marquee for hire in Perth, look no further than Yard Bar and Co. We are the first mobile bar for hire on the West Coast, and we are excited to offer these unique structures for our clients to enjoy. They are an unconventional choice that is fun, easy to style, and will make your event stand out.

Why Choose Teepee Marquees for Hire in Perth?

There is no need to choose a traditional setting when we offer unique tipi rental options in the Perth/South West, and the Geraldton/Mid-West Region.

  • Stylish: Our Nordic style teepees give you room to make your dream event come true. Their material creates the perfect blank canvas to write your story. If you aren’t sure what kind of style you want, we have rentable lights and decor to help you start.
  • Weather Protection: The summer heat can be unbearable, and our Nordic teepees provide ideal shade for guests to recline. In the event of rain, it also becomes a shelter to ensure that your event can continue despite the weather.
  • Spacious: We have two tents for hire, and you can have up to 250 people attend your event anywhere in the region. The open walls of the structure allow fresh air to waft through and enables guests to easily wander in and out of the event area. The space is also ideal for incorporating other activities or vendors.

Services Provided with our Perth Giant Teepee Rentals

Yard Bar and Co offer additional options for our teepee marquee for hire in Perth that set us apart.

  • Set up: We perform the set-up two days in advance, so other vendors have time to prepare their spaces as well. This timeline also gives you enough breathing room to finalise the design you have chosen for your giant tipi and make sure everything is completed before your guests arrive.
  • Mobile Bar Rental: When you rent with Yard Bar and Co you can also choose to hire our mobile bar. We have the Yard Bar Van and Cart to meet whatever your service needs are. Using us for both your alcohol catering and event set up provides seamless communication to help your party go as smoothly as possible.
  • RSA Approved Staff: Safety is always a priority and we make sure our employees are approved for the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) in Perth. Our staff are trained to provide prompt service while remaining discrete to give your event an effortless feel.

In Perth, giant tipis are becoming the trendiest outdoor venue of choice thanks to their customisability and charming vibes. Yard Bar and Co is the ideal choice for hiring tipi marquees thanks to our exceptional customer service and additional rental options. We will help you customise the perfect outdoor space with our Nordic teepees to provide a cosy space for guests to mingle. Contact us today for more information about rentals.