Vintage Caravan Bar

Using a Vintage Caravan Bar on the West Coast

When you host your next party consider using a vintage caravan bar for your alcohol services to avoid the hassle of managing drinks yourself. Yard Bar and Co is the original private mobile bar in Geraldton and continues to be the most experienced on the West Coast. Our reliable staff help transform your event space into a perfect venue and leave you the time to be the star host.

Events Ideas for Vintage Caravan Bar for Hire in Geraldton

Whenever you’re hosting an outdoor event, bar service can be tricky, but our option makes it easy.

  • Street Festival: Whatever the theme we can wheel on up and provide your event with easy access to handmade drinks and local beer. We’ll fit right in on the street and keep your space free from clutter and setting up a bar yourself.
  • Corporate Events: Team building is an important activity for every business and is more relaxed when staff are comfortable around each other; which is why your next corporate event should use a bar for hire in Geraldton. Get your employees out of the office and onto the lawn to swap stories while we serve the drinks!
  • Weddings: Outside venues are excellent for weddings, but the wilderness rarely has a bar installed. Luckily ours has wheels! Our outdoor bar for hire in the Geraldton area has served countless weddings, and we are ready to help make your reception as much of a success as the vows.

What Makes Yard Bar and Co’s Beer Van in Geraldton Unique?

We keep up with the times by continuing to evolve and expand our caravan’s capabilities. Here are just a few of the things you get with us.

  • Handmade: We are proud to be the pioneer in bar caravans on the West Coast. Our hand-made caravan is equipped with everything it needs to create the perfect drinks. Thanks to our design it has a lovely bespoke feel and vintage style that fits into any decor.
  • Tap: Installed with custom fittings, our caravan can serve chilled keg beer for your event, preventing the mess of empty beer bottles and allows you to support local breweries. Just pick a barrel of your choice and enjoy.
  • Coffee: Not everyone wants alcohol during a party, which is why we have outfitted our bar with a quality coffee machine. We serve Grand Central Coffee, a local Australian coffee company that gives back to communities in Australia and Africa, which is a mission we are proud to support.

Tips for Your Private Mobile Bar in Geraldton

Event planning can be hectic, so here are some things to consider when planning your mobile bar rental.

  • Table service: When you book our caravan, we recommend letting guests come to the bar for drinks so they can meet and mingle. However, when you’re hosting a wedding, we feel table service to the bridal table is essential. If you require full table service, we are happy to discuss the details when you make your reservation.
  • Alcohol sales: For appropriately licensed venues such as street festivals, our bar for hire in Geraldton can sell alcohol directly to visitors. However, in private spaces, we are not licensed for the sale of alcohol. You supply the drinks of choice, and we take care of preparation and service, which can be advantageous to your budget.
  • Set up: We include an hour on each side of your reservation for setting up and take-down. This timing ensures we don’t waste any of your event time getting things together so we can be ready to go when your guests arrive.

When you hire us, you get more than an average caravan; You get quality service you can trust to make sure your event is safe, fun and successful. You won’t find our level of experience or flexibility anywhere else on the West Coast. Take your outdoor occasion to the next level and reserve our unique bar on wheels today.