FAQ Yardbar VAN

Frequently asked questions… and stuff we think you will want to know
without having to ask.

How does the YARD BAR & Co work?

Where are we located? We are a Geraldton based company, We love our West Coast and its our playground, We can travel up and down the coast and we even make it inland *travel costs do apply.

Very simply…  Did you need TPEE’s for outdoor Marquee style events or Bar Service We have our Yardbar Van, The West Coasts Original and best Beer Van. You let us know what sort of an event you are having, and we adapt to suit your crowd.

Essentially, we are a TPEE and Mobile Bar and drinks service provider, you supply the alcohol you think your guests will love, and we supply the bar facilities or Outdoor Marquee with a difference and the team to manage your event and serve your guests.

Because our super cool, bespoke, handmade caravan has been custom fitted with beer taps, we can offer keg beer (which you can purchase from a local bottle shop or any Local lads the brew beer.) the ones we love are The Beer Farm, Feral Brewery, Black Brewing, Lucky Bay Brewing Just to mention a few.

We have all of the glassware needed, a commercial single group head coffee machine, wine fridge, cocktail creating gear ready to go, and we also supply all of the ice needed for drink service. And plenty of extras to hire to make your day run trouble free. 

We come… we set up… we create the best catered event which your guests will not stop talking about… then we pack up… and leave you to reminisce about how good a host you were, because you actually got to chat to your quests and have a good time instead of serving everyone.

For selected corporate and public events (such as festivals), or licensed venues we have the option of assisting you organising permits, so we are able to offer other alternatives to our drinks service. 

We want you to experience boutique, locally brewed, craft beer, excellent local wines and cocktails…without the hassle, and with you being the star of your own show!

So… Whether you are chilling with friends & friends, celebrating a milestone, entertaining colleagues, schmoozing clients or trying to market your business with an awesome launch or party, we will be there for you to add the “WOW” factor.

Just show us where you want us to park up, and we will do the rest!

Can YARD BAR & CO sell alcohol?

Glad you asked 🙂

Yes… and NO…

Yes – We can sell alcohol at a licensed event only (as in festivals & public community events or licensed venues) where a liquor licence is current and active.

We are custom fitted to provide locally brewed, keg beer (very cool in very many ways).  We can make your event classy, laid back, and all about the patrons – as an event organiser, you can’t go past the YARD BAR to get people relaxing and mixing.

No – Our super cool van, and mobile venue is not licensed to sell alcohol in a private setting.  So the good news is…you get to supply the alcohol (which is fabulous for budgeting reasons), and we supply the service and the bar!

Purchasing kegs to fit our van, is as easy as A-Beer-C and once we are set up and going, you can relax with your wedding, party, ANYTHING guests, and start socialising.

Does YARD BAR & CO have their own staff?

Absolutely! We wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Depending on the size of the package, we have plenty of well trained friendly staff to make your day run smoothly for your drinks service, and close down of your event.

They are all RSA approved, and have been hand selected and trained, to ensure that the service you receive is nothing short of professional, top notch and efficient.

Your event is not about us…its about you. We want your event to be seamless, relaxed and for us to be in the background adding to the cool factor. Your guests are as important to us, as they are to you.  We won’t let you down.

What amount of time can I hire the YARD BAR for?

Awesome question!

Our packages start at 5 hrs, but if you have an event where you require more or less time, please contact us via email, Facebook, instagram or phone: 0419961979

Each package also includes an extra hour of ‘pitch and pack away’ time, so you know that if you order the 5 hour package…you actually get service for 5 hours for your guests, and the other 60 min pre and post set up comes without interfering with your event plans.

If you wish to organise a large event which requires all-day service, we can arrange a customised quote for you.

Click here to check out our packages!

What drinks can we serve?

We love tap beer! honestly who doesn’t! so keg beer is the first choice. We also serve wine, champagne, cocktails & soft drinks. Tea & coffee are also on board.

Speaking of cocktails. We adore cocktails so our staff are trained in cocktails & we would love to chat some more regarding our fav’s.

How does the beer stay chilled?

When we serve beer on tap, we have installed a chiller box system that allows beer to run though chilled lines. It is very effective at serving chilled beer to your guest. On warm days we ask for the kegs to be chilled before we connect the lines to the chiller system. We also have a fridge onboard that will keep all wine & bottled beverages chilled. We also bring along ice to help with the service.

What happens to the rubbish?

Glad you asked. Because we serve beer on tap, there is no rubbish from the usual bottled beer. How ever we do pack all rubbish from wine bottles etc into large rubbish bags & tie off for your disposal. You will need to make sure that there are adequate disposal available at the venue.

What type of coffee do you serve?

We serve Grand Central Coffee , locally roasted in Perth selected from our favourite blend of beans to produce a robust flavoursome brew for you.

Can Yard Bar do table service?

yes! if you are planning a wedding, we personally feel that table service to the bridal table is great to have & allowing your guest to mingle & meet each other at the bar for conversation is the best setup. In saying this, if you wish to have full table service, we are happy to chat some more.

What type of glassware do you have?

We have Middies, Pints, Stemware for red & white wine, cocktail stemware, water tumblers, water carafe’s and tea & coffee cups. everything to fully cater for drink service needs

How long does Yard Bar take to set up?

We require 1-2hrs to set up & 1hr to pack down. preferably we setup the day before your event so not to cause any rush and allow plenty of time for you to relax or get the finer details done so we are not in your way

Does Yard Bar require water & power?

Yes we require 2 power outlets, & we bring our own water as there is a 95lt water tank onboard.

How much space do I require for the van?

Yard Bar is approximately 2.5mts high & 2.2mts wide & 5.2mts including the drawbar. We just require a normal standard drive way for access. If you think it might be a tight squeeze, we can do a site check before hand.

What if my function is outside of Geraldton?

We are based in Geraldton, WA and are set to cater no matter the distance we can still look at helping to cater your event by adding on a ‘tow and from’ fee. please contact us for details

We don’t want you to miss out on anything, so give us a shout and we can work out a price for you.

So..if I hire the YARD BAR & CO, what is included, and what can I add to make things really awesome?

When you have decided on a package to suit you, here is what we bring to the party, as part of your quote…

  • The coolest mobile, fixed tap, beer serving, wine & cocktail offering, custom designed, RETRO CARAVAN! – you’ve got to see it!
  • RSA approved, customer orientated bar staff. Packages Depending
  • Ice 50kg to 60 kg depending on packages
  • All glassware – beer, wine, cocktail (we have a built in glass washer in the van, so no piles of used drinking implements anywhere in sight)
  • Generator and power leads, for offsite bookings – can’t have
    the drinks getting warm!
  • Vintage drinks dispenser
  • All bar equipment
  • Proper coffee machine! with tea/coffee cups

Need furniture, seating, lighting and other bits and bobs to make your event fabulous and cool? Here is what we have on hand, ready to hire…

  • Festoon lighting up to 100m (4 x 20m strings)
  • 2 x Wine barrels
  • 8 Bar stools
  • 2 Market umbrellas
  • Chalk and sign boards
  • Retro timber round tables (cable reels)
  • Milk crates with covers – for sitting on
  • Scatter and floor cushions

So, what does it cost to hire the YARD BAR & CO for my event?

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised 🙂

We have priced our packages based on the fact that you still have to supply your own drinks, and that we can offer you the most efficient service. Please click here to go to view our pricing.