Teepee Hire Perth

Wow Your Guests with Teepee Hire in Perth from Yard Bar and Co

Teepee hire in Perth is a great way to make the right impression on the guests at your wedding, corporate event or other gathering. Transform your event with a tipi tent in Perth designed to host your friends, family and guests in style and luxury. We can provide everything you need for your special day from the Tpee tent, furniture and lighting, to the drinks and staff. We can provide the drinks for your licensed event, or we can help you serve yours at a private soiree. Either way, it’s going to be a memorable day or night with Yard Bar and Co.

Benefits of Tipi Hire in Perth

When you’re planning an event, there are seemingly countless tasks on your to-do list, but one of the most important tasks to complete (and one of the first to complete) is choosing a venue for your celebration. One of the most popular choices is to hire a tipi tent. Teepee events in Perth offer several benefits including:

  • Plenty of room for a crowd. As you know, you could easily end up with more guests than you expect and having an outdoor space to accommodate them makes this situation much easier. Tent walls can also be raised or opened if needed to allow more space for an overflowing crowd.
  • A blank canvas to decorate. A tent can accommodate any theme you want. These neutral spaces make perfect blank canvases, allowing you to add any colours, decorations, furniture, lighting, flowers or music you would like.
  • Easy cleanup. Outdoor events are especially nice because they keep the mess outside. The tent is open and accessible, making it extremely easy to pick up trash and move furniture after your event.
  • Weather protection. You can hold tipi events in Perth nearly any time of year. Outdoor tents for events are sturdy structures that can withstand most inclement weather and can be heated or cooled as necessary.

It’s easy to see the advantages of holding your event in a marquis tent – reserve yours today.

Related Services We Provide to Teepee Tent Hire in Perth

At Yard Bar and Co, we offer several options for your outdoor event, whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, product launch or private party. Some of our services include:

  • Yard Bar Van. We are the original beer-on-tap van operating on the West Coast. We’ll happily pour your beer, wine and cocktails for you at your next event.
  • Yard Bar Brew Cart. We’ll bring our mobile brew cart to your event and make your guests feel right at home with personal service and professional staff.
  • Giant teepees. We offer teepees and marquis tents for hire for outdoor weddings, parties, corporate events, fundraisers, product launches, and much more.

What You Should Know about Tipi Tent Hire in Perth

When it comes to planning a tipi event, there are a few things you should know to ensure that your event goes as smoothly as possible and that everyone has a great time. Consider these tips:

  • Choose the right location. You’ll need a large enough area, preferably on grass. Most venues that offer outdoor space can accommodate a tipi, or you can place the tipi on private property.
  • Decide on the right time of year. Spring and summer weddings and events are lovely in tipis. However, keep in mind that you can host an outdoor tipi event in cooler weather; you just may need to add space heaters and keep the sides lowered for warmth.
  • Keeping your guests happy. Consider whether your site will need wheelchair access and plan accordingly. Will your guests be happy walking around on grass or will you need to plan flooring for your tent? Will you need lighting? How about furniture? Food and drinks? Cover all your bases in the planning stages and make sure that your guests are comfortable and happy.

Why You Should Use Yard Bar and Co

At Yard Bar and Co, we have two locations of mobile service: Perth/South West and the Geraldton/Mid West region. We provide mobile bar catering, bar and cocktail service, and teepee marquis for special events. We also offer our own artisan coffee and mobile coffee service. We can provide a fully comprehensive bar service for your event including planning, setup, serving and cleanup. Check us out on Facebook or contact us for more information.