Teepee Tent Perth

The Best Teepee Tent in Perth

Every year more people are choosing a teepee tent as their Perth wedding venue. Our extensive experience with mobile bars combined with our amazing cocktails makes Yard Bar and Co the best option for tipi weddings in Perth. When you host with us, there is less stress and less mess, giving you more time to enjoy your friends and family on your special day.

Benefits of Yard Bar and Co

Choosing us for your event comes with several unique benefits.

  • Original: Yard Bar and Co is the original mobile bar service, having started as a van bar we are proud of our expansion into a mobile event space. Having extensive experience in mobile event hosting on the West Coast means you can rely on us to help you every step of the way.
  • RSA Certified: Customer service is a core part of the Yard Bar and Co community and our entire staff is RSA Certified to give you peace of mind. Your wedding will be supported by individuals you can trust with this big day in your life.
  • Flexible: Yard Bar and Co have not one but two giant teepees for hire that we connect to create a custom outdoor space that holds up to 250 people. This option makes a great alternative to standard venues and gives your guests room to stroll outside while providing them with a boho retreat to drink dance and laugh.

The Importance of a Teepee Tent in Perth

In a world with so many options, why would you want something conventional? Our giant Nordic tepees has benefits that can be used to create an unconventional backdrop for all kinds of weddings

  • Styling: A Yard Bar and Co teepee makes the perfect “blank canvas” to begin designing your event. Our team can help you decide on the ideal style, and we have several materials for hire, such as festive lights, floor cushions, wine barrels and more for your Teepee weddings in Perth.
  • Planning: We set up the teepees two days in advance to give other vendors plenty of time to set up their space. This set-up also gives you adequate time to style and decorate your teepee tent to make it Perth perfect! Once your event is over, we take it down and take it away for you.
  • Mobile Bar: With Yard Bar and Co you can rent more than a tent for tipi weddings in Geraldton, you can also rent our mobile bar service. With our experience in yard bars with our mobile van and caravan, we can help with your wedding drinks as well.

Why Trust Yard Bar and Co with your Teepee Wedding in Geraldton

With two teepee rentals, we can help you design the perfect wedding. Our experienced staff will help you style the tents as well as set up and take down them down afterwards and leave you to focus on your big day. Contact us and let’s help you step away from the norm and design something unconventional for your big day